Established in 1993 – Celebrating 15 Years in Business!

Air Vacuum Truck CleanSweep Services Inc., a locally owned and operated company based in Santa Clara County, has been serving the greater Bay Area since 1993. We specialize in exterior cleaning services, specifically pressure washing / steam cleaning, parking lot sweeping and street sweeping. Our current customer base consists of over 150 monthly commercial, industrial and residential customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of service, in a prompt and professional manner. Our mission is to offer the most competitive pricing with the highest quality of service. We build long-term, business relationships based on honesty and integrity.

Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping Services

CleanSweep provides a complete parking lot or street sweeping maintenance program. Options include multiple trucks, one time visits, daily, weekly or monthly visits. All sweeping is done with well maintained, air vacuum trucks or mechanical broom trucks.

Pressure Washing / Power Washing Services

CleanSweep provides complete exterior cleaning of your property by pressure washing with hot water to remove dirt, grime, gum, oil, grease, organic growth and other surface debris from all your hardscapes or building exteriors.

Commercial Cleaning – Shopping Centers, Office Buildings

CleanSweep washes or sweeps heavy traffic areas from as often as once per week to once per year. All your sidewalks, storefronts, outside patios and dumpster areas can be cleaned at night, early in the morning, or on the weekend to minimize the inconvenience to you and your customers.

Residential Cleaning – Homes, Apartments, HOAs

CleanSweep can provide a complete exterior cleaning of your property by washing the dirt, grime, organic growth and other surface debris from the hardscape and building exterior. Remove oil spots on driveway, moss on walkways and patios and dust and spider webs on the building exterior walls.

Construction Sweeping and Washing Services

CleanSweep provides a complete solution to your sweeping or washing needs at construction sites. This includes heavy duty, mechanical, broom sweeper trucks, equipment with high dumps and water for dust suppression. The broom sweepers are designed to remove dirt, rock, gravel, sand and other heavy debris. We can also provide mobile washing trucks to wash equipment or areas during or after the construction process.


“I am extremely happy and uniquely satisfied at the attention given to customer service.  In comparison to other contractors it’s a “CleanSweep”.  Facilities at a south bay hospital

“We have been using CleanSweep’s services for years – and are always very happy with the fast service and the great work they do.  They remove stains from concrete and brick surfaces you would not expect would come out.  CleanSweep is fast, efficient and friendly”.  David Bergman, David Bergman Real Estate Group.

“We changed our vendor of 16 years to CleanSweep; who provides what is rarely found in business these days called – pride of work, customer service and customer satisfaction”.   Menlo Management Co.                

“Thank you Eric. Rafael (employee since 2001) did a great job”. S.M – Los Gatos, CA

“Eric, You did a fabulous job. A huge difference between before and after! This is the reason I recommend your service. Thank you for a job well done and for always being accommodating to last minute changes.” – Susan Sullinger, Coldwell Banker

The above are current customers of CleanSweep Services, we have and continue to provide a regular service to the customers listed above.


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