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Any thriving business requires a lot of hard work, and business owners go to great lengths to attract customers. But perhaps the number one thing that will bring those costumers inside the door is a clean building with clean, solid parking lot and sidewalk. If your building’s exterior is well maintained, the costumer is likely to rightly assume that your business and customer service is well maintained.

The main, most noticeable benefit to regularly pressure washing your business is appearance. A large part of your business’ reputation is appearance; costumers are far more likely to come to a clean building than to a grimy, greasy building. Pressure washing efficiently cleans off grime, grease, and mildew from your building’s walls. The result is night and day.

Not only does pressure washing drastically improve the building’s appearance, but it also prevents damage. Grime, mold, algae and other debris will build and eat away at your building’s wall. If left alone, it will decline the life of your wall.

Pressure washing is not only for grim and mold—it can wipe graffiti right off your walls. Grime may be permissible, but graffiti will definitely deter costumers. Costumers will feel unsafe on your premises. Promptly cleaning graffiti off your walls will preserve your reputation and make it less likely that there will be a second incident.

To insure your costumer’s safety, cleaning your sidewalks and parking lot of grime, mildew, algae, and oil will minimize the likelihood of a slip and fall. Pressure washing efficiently eliminates grime from the pavement, leaving it looking clean and safe. This also prevents the pavement from cracking.

There are very few cons to pressure washing your business. Rather, the only con is if you decide not to pressure wash the exterior of your business. If you do not pressure wash, you will attract fewer customers, tolerate damage to your walls (including graffiti), and risk a slip and fall liability lawsuit. So it’s best to utilize pressure washing; it will be a wise investment for your business’ reputation and success.

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