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“We have been using CleanSweep’s services for years – and are always very happy with the fast service and the great work they do. They remove stains from concrete and brick surfaces you would not expect would come out. CleanSweep is fast, efficient and friendly.”
CleanSweep Services, Inc.
Date published: 03/01/2011
5 / 5 stars

CleanSweep Services, Inc.
660 4th Street

San Francisco, CA, 94107

CleanSweep Services Inc., a locally owned and operated company based in Santa Clara County, has been serving San Francisco since 1993. Our specialities are external cleaning, specifically pressure washing / steam cleaning, parking lot sweeping and street sweeping. Currently we serve over 150 commercial, residential, and industrial clients – with more on the way. We pride ourselves on providing the best service to the San Francisco area that we can, with prompt response time, attention-to-detail, and impeccable customer service. Our mission is get San Francisco clean by building on our history of integrity and honesty with our customers.

CleanSweep Services, Inc. also has the latest and greatest cleaning equipment available with trucks and trailers primed and ready to go with pumps able to produce 3,500 psi at 200 degrees. This pressure, combined with temperature, is the best way to get the grime off of San Francisco. Our crews are also storm water trained and ready and will make sure to keep waste water away from storm drains and into the appropriate sanitary outlets. This means that you’re safe from any storm water violations – because the last thing we want is to have the San Francisco police knocking on your door.

(888) 715-9749

San Jose

(408) 912-1498

San Francisco

(415) 813-3429

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