Street Sweeping & Parking Lot Sweeping Services


CleanSweep Services, Inc. has clean, well maintained sweeper trucks. We operate both air vacuum sweepers and broom sweeping trucks. CleanSweep provides one time cleaning services along with maintenance sweeping which can include same day, daily, weekly or monthly service contracts.

CleanSweep can clean parking lots, parking garages, streets within an HOA and general street sweeping. We have trucks that operate at night and during the day. This allows us to sweep during the time when there are the fewest vehicles in your parking lots or to be available for your specific timeframe. The trucks carry water to provide misting during the sweeping process which helps in dust suppression.

The air vacuum trucks are very effective at sweeping and removing: Leaves, papers, cigarette butts, cans and other light debris. The broom sweeper trucks are very effective at sweeping and removing: Dirt, rock, sand, gravel and other heavy debris.

Each crew has backpack blowers to blow the debris away from curb lines, corners, buildings, columns and loading docks into the path of the sweeper truck. Gutter brooms on the air vacuum trucks provide a more complete cleaning of the curbs, removing dirt, mud and other packed leaves.

CleanSweep employees are all covered by workman’s compensation and general liability. All employees are professional, speak English and wear a company uniform. We understand “ the customer is always right” and work to meet or exceed your expectations. We have crews available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week which will ensure the cleaning is done promptly and at the best time to minimize any inconvenience to you and your customers.

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